it's better to burn out than fade away

Mar 30

Sep 7
Looking over her shoulder

Looking over her shoulder

Aug 15

Happy Birthday, Julia Child

100 years today.  For all you did for young chefs everywhere.

Great remix from PBS

Aug 9

Rogue River Girls - Call Me Maybe

Jan 26


Apple sold more iPads last quarter than HP sold PCs. Those iPads are used to read books, write books, create and give presentations, get directions, teach med students and lawyers, run companies, drive home theater systems, play games—a thousand things we have done with computers for years, and much more.

But if you’re still not thinking about the iPad as a “personal computer” because it doesn’t ship with a hardware keyboard or some type of port, I hope 1995 is treating you well.

Could not agree more.

Jan 24

Night Mist

Night Mist

from our visit to Scotsdale for the Fiesta Bowl

Dec 20
what if this is all there is???

what if this is all there is???

Oct 9

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